Christmas Arts and Crafts Show at St. James Lutheran starting this Saturday Dec. 3.  Please come to the Jazz Vespers Dec. 18, and the reception for the group show and crafts sale at St. James.  

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Paper bags

When I was a poor struggling art student I drew on paper bags.  I liked doing it because the bags had a nice texture and tooth to them that absorbed the pastel.  They also offered a  dark neutral background.  And of course, they were free.

Well, I'm still a poor, struggling artist, but I have advanced some.  Last week at my life drawing session at Hipbone in Portland, I saw a man drawing on what looked like grocery bags.  I asked him about it and he said, no it was  tablet he purchased.  Same material in a an 18 x 24 inch sketch pad called Bogus Recycled Rough Sketch made in our own Beaverton, Oregon.  I was so thrilled I ran to the art store he mentioned (Columbia) and purchased one.  I've been using it this week and am so happy! 

Several months ago (this actually is the leadup to this blog) I was having an art show and brought some paper bags to use for customers who brought cards.  Of course when it was quiet I got bored so I started drawing on the bags.  I thought it would be a nice additional gift, as well to anyone who purchased something.  The result was a whole series called "paper bag art."

Some times I had to doctor them up in know, who wants to see creases and folds but bastically I left a lot of those imperfections in.  It is a bag you know.  That's part of the art.