Little Soldiers

Facing an enemy three times our size.
We go to battle alone with no guns for protection.
Our fists are tiny.
We are powerless against a large man.
We endure the tormenting agonizing acts of adults
bent on controlling us for their passion.
We cannot speak
because little soldiers have no voice.  

poem by a friend of mine whose name shall remain anonymous


“These poems .. have a pulse, a rhythm that takes them beyond the chopped-up prose that is often presented as poetry.  The content, especially in the family section,Is often painful but it’s presented in a tough-minded way that is never cloying or maudlin.

 John Kleinhans, Former president Of Woodstock School of Art, NY, author of An Image of Monhegan


Paper Bag

I started drawing on paper bags because they're cheap and they offer a neutral background great for felt tipped pen or pastel.